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Do you love Tennis?
Do you love Table Tennis?
Do you love Badminton?

If the answer to any or all of the above was yes, then get ready because you will just super love Jombola. It is a racquet sport that combines all three styles and skills that is guaranteed to knock your socks off! And even if by any chance your answer was no, your answer will change to a loud YES when you try out Jombola. Don’t believe me. Just Try It!


Jombola is a Magic sport. You Fall in Love with it as soon as you walk into the court, bounce the ball and hit it over the net. Minutes will turn into hours as you will be powerless to stop yourself from playing more. It is Artistic. It is Addictive. It is Awesome!


Jombola is a sport for all ages. It is wholly competitive, yet perfect for energetic family fun. Book the courts to play a Tough Opponent, or invite Family and Friends into the court for a riot of running, jumping, lobbing and smashing.


Jombola. Soft ball, hard game. Just try it.


Let's Play Jombola





Coaching Clinics



Free Intro and Coaching

For introduction and coaching sessions, please contact us at the given numbers or email us your requirement. We will coordinate with you for possible dates, time and venue. The minimum group size is four persons. We can provide all equipment for your use during the session with no obligation. You may purchase the racquets and balls if you should wish to do so.


Starting a club



Want to Start a Jombola Club? Give us a call or get in touch with us via email or Facebook, we will be happy to assist you anyway we can from providing the equipment to getting your club connected with other Jombola Clubs...